Our cleaning process cleans more than just the vanes (slats) on blinds. It also cleans the cords, wands, ladders and lubricates the head rail as well. We don’t just clean the dust off blinds. We get into every little nook and cranny of a blind, whether it’s a mini blind, cloth vertical or a pleated shade our cleaning process removes nicotine, soot, grease, grime, even the oils and dirt in the pull cords. The bottom line is not only will your blinds look like new, they will also operate like new. Our cleaning process also destroys bacteria, removes pollen, dust and other particles which can contribute to many health problems.

We clean just about every type of blind. Here is a partial list of the blinds that we clean;
 Venetian Blinds
 Holland Blinds
 Timber Style Blinds
 Timber Blinds
 Vertical Drapes
 Roman Blinds